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Local artistes start war against FGM, teen pregnancies in Mt Elgon


Local musicians from Mt Elgon in Bungoma have started a campaign to fight female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that is rampant in the region.

The more than 20 musicians said they want to kick out the cultural practice in the region that has been blamed for fueling cases of underage pregnancies among school going girls.

The Musicians who spoke to The Splash after the launch of campaign announced that   will visit primary and secondary schools in the region that have been hard-hit by the vice and perform before speaking to the learners about the dangers of  undergoing FGM

Solomon Kiterie(Pictured) the chairperson of the musicians said they will also hold road-shows across the constituency where they will preach against  the barbaric practice that has also been blamed for causing death of young girls.
“The issue of  FGM and teenage pregnancies among underage school going girls has given Mt Elgon a bad name and reputation, as performing artistes we have decided to come together and tackle the problem head-on,” said Mr Kiterie, who goes by the stage name of Mtu Nasi Solomon.

He added that the drive by the musicians starts today and will last for the next two months and called upon  well-wishers willing to be involved in to join them.
FGM is practiced in Mt Elgon each leap year, where girls are mutilated during male circumcision ceremonies, a popular and important  cultural practice among the  local  sabaot community members.

Underage pregnancies is a widespread issue in the region, which has been blamed for high drop-our rates of girls from schools. In mid 2013, 18 minors from Chepkurkur primary school fell pregnant.
In March 20 school girls between the ages of 14 and 18 at Chelebei Secondary School, less than five kilometers from Chepkurkur , were found to pregnant in a test conducted when they reported back to school from December holidays.
“Being artistes we are hopeful that our campaign will lead to the reduction of the shameful cases. The girl- child need to study and achieve their dreams just like their male counterparts,” said  Kiterie  after the official launch of the campaign, which preceded a Sabaot Cultural Night.
Moses Masai another artiste from the region said they will also preach peace messages and compose songs on the same theme, noting that the insecurity issues experienced in the area have in a way fueled the pregnancies cases.
“We shall take the campaigns even to churches, ” he explained.



Drama as President Kenyatta ‘rescues’ Kidero from Sonko

The supremacy political battles pitting Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko spilled over to Uhuru Park during the Labour Day celebrations, prompting President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene.

Youths carrying red umbrellas written ‘Sonko Rescue Team’ and shouting the senator’s name attempted to shout down Governor Kidero when he was making his speech, much to the apprehension of security officers at the grounds.

The heckling of the rowdy youths must have forced Kidero who invited Defence cabinet secretary and acting Labour minister Rachel Omamo to cut short his speech, which lasted less than three minutes.sonko

More drama ensued when the head state was giving his speech, when the same group for the second time started singing praise songs and shouting the senator Sonko’s name, who was seated in the dais. Read more…

Chewoyet- Where good old Jomo stood trial

Chewoyet High School that is situated about four kilometres from Kapenguria town in West Pokot County is as old as Kenya’s history.

The school was first an agriculture college in the 1940’s and later became a colonial court where the country’s founding father  Mzee Jomo Kenyatta together with five others(Kapenguria six) were tried on  April 8,  1953.


The school gate of Chewoyet High School in West Pokot County. The school was first an agriculture college in the 1940’s and later became a colonial court where the country’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta together with five others(Kapenguria six) were tried on April 8, 1953. (PHOTO COURTESY)

Relics of the colonial court still stand at the institution and the old courtroom buildings have been converted into a staff room, an administration block and a classroom for form three students. Read more…

MP Isaac Mwaura thrilled by albino cuties

The publishing of beauties living with albinism on The Nairobian last week received a rare mention during the International Albinism Awareness Day.

Last week page 3 of the paper(which is a favourite for many men) was splashed with photos of  cute ladies living with albinism,  and this caught the attention of none other than nominated MP  Isaac Mwaura.


The page 3 of The Nairobian Newspaper of June 12-18, 2015. Beautiful ladies living with albinism were splashed on the page catching the attention of Isaac Mwaura who leaves with the condition himself.

Read more…

Man flogged for sowing wild oats

Men who are into the habit of sowing wild oats and running away should learn from what happened recently to one unlucky chap in Matumbei Village, Endebess Sub County two weeks ago.

Kim, 26, a polygamous man who impregnated a disabled girl and ran away is nursing serious backside injuries after the local chief and elders ordered that he be given 20 strokes of the best canes for his misdemeanor, not to mention paying a steep price in form of a hefty fine to complainant.


Kim the culprit who impregnated a disabled woman lying on the ground after being whipped. (PHOTO: DANIEL PSIRMOI)

The girl, Caro reported Kim to the chief after he neglected her & the twins he allegedly fathered.
According to the local provincial administrator, the man had to pay dearly for his misdeeds so as to be an example to others who may want in future take advantage of hapless people.
He said that Caro, whose home is a stone throw away from his office, reported the matter to him about eight months ago.
“She came to me early this year, one month after giving birth , tearfully and bitterly complaining that the man who sired the twin boys had deserted her.”

He summoned the young man who is well known in the village to his office in vain.
For eight months the lad managed to escape the Chief’s dragnet; at times he was reportedly seen crossing over to a neighbouring country, which is a ridge away.

” I really sympathized with the young lady, many at times I passed through their homestead and gave her money for expenses,’’ the administrator told Crazy Monday . He continued to add that he had utilized every public baraza to beseech villagers to support the girl and her twin babies.

His luck ran out, when his two wives conspired against him .They too complained to the area chief that their husband was irresponsible and had neglected his manly duties!
” We struck a deal; the wives were to call me once he was in the house.”
A day later, the culprit was arrested on a night, by Police reservists, and frog marched to the Chief’s Office.

The administrators send word to elders who sit with him in the village special tribunal that solves domestic problems.
A meeting was convened the next morning under a tree near the office.
One elderly man stated to him the penalties that come with such untoward behavior traditionally,
“ A heifer for the girls parents, money for the girl’s upkeep as fine and an acre of land for the child if it is male. ”
The man was found guilty of the charges.
Woman, who traditionally were not allowed to speak in such forums were allowed to air their views. . They suggested that the man be flogged in public. A consensus was reached that he be given 20 strokes of the cane.
Apart from corporal punishment he was ordered to pay a heifer to the girl’s family, give her Ksh.10, 000 and set aside two acres of land(because they were twins) for the mother of his toddlers.
He is supposed to till the two acre piece of land for his estranged girlfriend and mother of two boys until the kids attain the age of 18 years.
Geoffrey Ndiema 65, an elder voiced his approval of the punishment meted on Kim, saying he was a heartless man.
” How can you do that to a helpless poor girl with no means, and even think of running away? We are happy he was taught a lesson.”
“Justice should not only be seen to be one, but it should be done. The idiot should have faced more severe disciplinary measures” commented an irritated university student and brother of the aggrieved woman.
The fate that befell sent chills down the spine of men and has been a source of sagacious gossip in the village and beyond.

Three siblings perish after fire incident in Mt Elgon

By The Splash Correspondent

Three children from one family in Cheptais market in Bungoma County died in a fire accident on Thursday night after their rental house was reduced to ashes.
The fire that consumed the house and burnt the children beyond recognition is suspected to have started after a kerosene lamp fell and split paraffin, before the flames caught a mosquito net and spread.
Confirming the incident, Cheptais OCPD, Ezekiel Kiche said two children survived the tragedy after they jumped out of the burning house through a window and that the three children who died were aged between three and eleven years old.
“The unfortunate incident happened around 10:30 pm after the children’s mother; Susy Chepchumba took the youngest child to hospital and locked the house from outside. Their father, who operates a kiosk in town had not yet arrived home,” said Kiche.

A map of Cheptais Market, with an arrow (in red) pointing where the rental house that caught fire on Thursday night is. Three Children died in the incident . (PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS)

A map of Cheptais Market, with an arrow (in red) pointing where the rental house that caught fire on Thursday night is. Three Children died in the incident .(PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS)

The police boss cautioned parents against leaving their children behind with the lit paraffin lamps.
The bodies were transferred to Bungoma County Referral Hospital where they are being kept awaiting postmortem.

Radio Feature on entrepreneur campus students

Most university students depend on their parents or guardians for pocket money and upkeep, but there exists a group of campus students who engage in business to supplement their expenditure in school.

We spoke to some entrepreneurial Daystar University students and compiled the following story..

Handball- the misunderstood sport


Mention ‘Handball’ and many Kenyans-a majority being football lovers- conjure images of a soccer player handling the ball, which is a fault.

In Nairobi’s Kaloleni estate however, Handball is a discipline, a sport, a game that has transformed lives of young people, a source of livelihood. Kaloleni is the home of Black Mamba, Kenya’s pioneer Handball Club that has withstood the test of time.

Whereas other estate clubs of yore like Ziwani’s Village Rangers and Umeme, California’s Desert warriors have been confined to the obituary of handball dustbin, Black Mamba has continued to thrive.


Pepela Fred of St Lukes Kimilili Boys High tries to score in their match against Chesamisi Boys.Kimilili won 46-12.This was during the term 2A Games in Kimilili District, Bungoma County  in March 2014. The spot is erroneously believed to be a game for ladies.(PHOTO: DANIEL PSIRMOI)

Handball is synonymous with Kaloleni, which over the years has been the factory of the country’s best and refined handball players and even officials that run the game.

Charles Omondi, a former international and the current Kenya Handball Federation fixtures secretary is a product of this estate club.

” Black Mamba was formed in November 1982, we won the Kenya Club championship games in 1983,” recalls Omondi,( who was among the first batch of players to play handball in the estate when it was introduced in the country) when we meet at his Nyayo Stadium office for this interview, and continues to add that the club has won several titles over the years.

Today at least five players, current and former players who joined other clubs, from the group get call-ups whenever the national team is convened. Products of mamba make the bulk of national team players.

For an estate club with such rich history and one that has been churning out stars, you will expect to find high support system for the players, and good training ground for the club members. Sadly, as I found out recently, this is far from it.

“ Do not ask us if we at times as a team have problems and challenges , we at black mamba find it rough all the time,” says Bryon Agunda when a catch him up with other team members of after a training section.

He reveals that it is just raw passion for the beautiful game and hope that keeps them going.
“We have no sponsor at all, we have to dig into our pockets to facilitate ourselves incase of tournaments, and being unemployed youths, we find it at time extremely hard.”

“ We have no training gear, no first aid kit, it is a nightmare when a team member gets seriously injured.”

With the prevailing economic times being hard, a section of Black Mamba members have been forced to fend for themselves elsewhere, look for menial jobs in industrial area and other places, a factor that has led to dismal performance and posting of poor results.

“ We train in shifts. Those of us at home from 2pm-4pm, the players who have jobs train early in the morning- they go for morning run and do a little ball work,’’ says Martin Ochieng, Black Mamba coach.

Ochieng says that Mamba recently started a junior team, where children from the estate are taught handball and trained from 4PM, especially now that schools are closed.
The young-stars train under the watchful of senior players. The kids come early to the field to watch how their seniors do it. Kevin Odhiambo assists Ochieng in moulding these future champions.
“We entice the little ones with small incentives to keep them coming and we encourage them to come along with their friends. Right we have 15 junior team members and we expect more to come.” says Odhiambo,

Tyrus Ochieng, a goalkeeper for Cereals Handball Club, who began playing in the estate club, pays homage to his home team, saying that handball has bee his life.
“Personally am reaping the fruits of my exploits while at Mamba. The team has built me and made me who I am now. I was spotted while at Mamba and received a scholarship that got me through secondary school. I never paid a single cent,’’ he says quickly adds that him and his team mates from the estate have been exposed and traveled widely because of the past time.

Handball has positively transformed the lives of many a youth in the estate. This is having in mind that Kaloleni is in Eastlands, an area associated with petty crime and other vices. Being an engaging and strenuous sport just like the other, the participants after a training session think of only taking a rest and not involving themselves in criminal activities.
Gerald Juma, a former international, who doubles up as the coach of under 20 handball national team and Kimilili Boys in western Kenya, who grew up in the estate and played for Black Mamba agrees. He says that he has lost many of his friends who he grew up with because they where enticed by crime and criminal activities.

Apart from Charles Omondi, Gerald Juma and Martin Ochieng other famous coaches that call black mamba home are Jack Ochieng; the current Nairobi Water Handball team and senior men national team coach. Foreign based professional players include Charles Newa( Germany), Barack Odowa (Sweden) and Brian Mathews( Sweden).

The team former playground was turned into a parking lot for the Kaloleni chief’s camp, the members of the team being people who do not give up easily, did the unthinkable:
They converted a garbage dumping ground into a field! The handball field is now like a park, people from the estate relax on it especially on weekends. Team members say often times the ball they use is pricked with thorns, surrounding the field.

Martin Ochieng , Black Mamba reckons that the odds are stuck against them because hey have no sponsor. He says they find it hard to attend competitions held outside Nairobi and calls upon corporate bodies or individuals to come to their aid..

When asked if they have received help from prominent persons before, he singles out Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko , former Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa and former makadara MP Reuben Ndolo as having supported them at least one time.

He appeals to this people people and other potential stakeholders to come to their aid because they have to travel to Dar esalaam for a tournament.
“ East Africa Club championship games will be held s from December 2nd and we will be grateful if we are accorded assistance”

Charles Omondi, of Kenya Handball federation says as a federation they have tried to help where they can, but they still remain overwhelmed.
“The government, through CDF should develop the Kaloleni field. It is not expensive because it only requires basic facilities. Developing estate clubs will speed up the realization of vision 2030.”

Siku yangu ya Kwanza Kwenye Runinga

Kutoka utotoni mwangu katika eneo la Mt Elgon, Kaunti ya Bungoma haikunjia akilini kuwa siku moja nitajipata kwenye runinga, nikisoma taarifa za habari.

Hata hivo, tarehe tano juni mwaka huu, nilijipata kwenye studio za ktn nikisoma taarifa kwa Lugha tukufu ya Kiswahili.

Eight campuses in Nairobi CBD to be closed over acreditation

Students studying at eight university campuses located in Nairobi Central Business District will have to make alternative learning arrangements after the Commission for University Education (CUE) ordered that they be shut down.

In a paid advertisement on Thursday, CUE directed that the satellite campuses cease operations because they are not credited by the body, as they did not meet the status for accreditation.

St Paul’s University  that is on Church House opposite the 1998 bomb blast memorial center. Its among the  eight institutions that will be closed down over accreditation issues.

St Paul’s University that is on Church House opposite the 1998 bomb blast memorial center. Its among the eight institutions that will be closed down over accreditation issues.( PHOTO: COURTESY)

The eight university branches within the city centre that will be affected by the directive include;  St Paul’s that is on Church House opposite the 1998 bomb blast memorial center , Egerton that is on Stanbank House, Africa Nazarene that is on the same Stanbank House and Agrho House and South Eastern Kenya that is at Development House.

Other campuses affected are those of ; Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Westlands Dedan Kimathi University of Technology in Union Towers and Biashara Plaza, Multi-Media University of Kenya that is at City Square Post Office Building and Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology on Kingsway Building.


The advertisement by the Commission for University Education (CUE) on university satellite campuses in Nairobi. (PHOTO: COURTESY)

According to the advert , three satellite campuses of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Karen, Kenya College of Accountancy(KCA) on Monrovia Plaza and Kisii University in Corner House have been issued with provisional accreditation.

“ Any university operating an unauthorized satellite campus in Nairobi is in contravention with the University’s Act No. 42 of 2012,” reads a statement in the advert.

Albinism Awareness day marked, as leaders call for the group to be supported

The International Albinism Awareness day was marked in Nairobi on Saturday with leaders calling for more to be done in pushing for the agenda of people living with albinism.

A procession in the city’s streets was held by over three hundred people living with albinism  who tuned up for the inaugural commemoration of the day in the country, before the official function kicked off at KICC grounds.

Some of people living with albinism during a match in Nairobi street to mark the World albinism day that was held in Nairobi KICC on 13/06/2015.

Some of people living with albinism during a match in Nairobi street to mark the International  Albinism  Awareness Day that was held in Nairobi KICC on 13/06/2015. ( PHOTO : DANIEL PSIRMOI / STANDARD)

The leaders in attendance led by Water and irrigation cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa and nominated MPs Isaac Mwaura and Johnson Sakaja asked for more support to be accorded to people living with albinism.

Wamalwa said there is a lot that needs to be done in terms of legislation in both the various county assemblies and national parliament to ensure that the welfare of the members of the vulnerable group is catered for.

“The legislature still has much to do. We want our brothers in parliament to ensure that the existing laws touching on people with disabilities which include those with albinism are urgently brought in line with the new constitution,” he said.

“MPs need to come up with speedy legislation that will protect the rights of persons with albinism who still face a great security risk in our country,” added Wamalwa who was the chief guest at the function.

Mwaura who lives with the albinism condition himself noted that great strides have been made in as far as the welfare of people with his condition are concerned, but noted that more awareness needs to be done.

The ODM nominated MP said all leaders must continue championing for the inclusion of people with disabilities in all facets of the society and position, noting that it’s a fundamental right of the people belonging to the group.

“There is still discrimination against those with disabilities. We are people like any other and we must be taken seriously like any other Kenyans.  The agenda of inclusion must continue on the floor of parliament, in the county assemblies and in civil societies,” said Mwaura.

“Awareness creation of people with albinism is still low in the country, especially in the grassroots and we are asking well wishers to partner with us. We are ready to work with everybody to champion for the albinism cause,” he said.

Sakaja who is also the chairman of the parliamentary committee on national cohesion and equal opportunities said he will spearhead the overhauling of the current disability act, which he observed still has grey areas.

“The current act we have was formulated before the current new constitution. It urgently needs to be amended. We should include in areas like the building and construction codes, where each building must have those with various disabilities in mind. Our roads streets and other public spaces should easily be accessible by those with disabilities,” he explained.

“I am calling on all the groups concerned with the plight of the people with disabilities including the national government commissions to partner with my committee to come up with legislations that will boost the welfare of the group,” added Sakaja.

Those who attended the function included Principal Secretaries Josephta Mukobe (Interior and Coordination) and Ali Hassan Noor,(Labour) and nominated Bungoma MCA Martin Wanyonyi who lives with albinism condition ,  among others.

Panic as Mukumu student confesses to be a member of Al-Shabab


Panic has gripped a school in Kakamega County following the arrest of a form three student at the institution allegedly confessed to be a member of the Al-Shabaab terror group.

The St Ignatius Mukumu Boys’ High School student, Francis Lumumba is being held by police in Kakamega after he disclosed to his teachers that he is a member of the dreaded terrorist group.

Speaking to journalists, Western Regional Police Commander Moses Ombati who confirmed the incident said they have the self-confessed Al-shabab member in their custody and they are questioning him to ascertain the truth.

“We have the students in custody and we are currently investigating the matter. We want to establish the merit of the information,” said the regional police boss.


The student according to school authorities transferred to the institution last year from Jamhuri High School in Nairobi, where it is suspected he might have been recruited to the terror group

In his confession the teenager claimed that there are three other members of the militia group in the school who he said are armed with grenades, AK 47 and other weapons with plans to attack other students.

But Ombati clarified that the weapons had not been found in the school after a search by his officers. He said that they are treating the matter seriously and they will come up with with the conclusion soon.

The Somali based militant group has in the recent past changed tact and started recruiting Kenyan youths, especially students from across the northern part of country.

This is the first time a student from a school outside Kenya is claiming to be a member of the group. The group recruiters according to media reports roam freely in Isiolo town and other parts of the country targeting school boys and girls and idle youths.

At least 200 boys are missing from schools within Isiolo and their whereabouts remain unknown, and they are suspected to have joined the Al-Shabab after being lured by promises of money.

‘Ino ni Momo’ hitmaker Murimi wa Kahalf passes on.

A popular vernacular musician in the country Murimi wa Kahalf, whose real name is Sammy Murimi Nderi has passed away after battling a long illness.
The late artiste who died on Thursday evening is the composer “Ino ni Momo” , a Kikuyu song which has received considerable airplay in all major TV and radio stations since its release in 2011.
The hit song which is about plus sized women though in vernacular Kikuyu language, was well received by many people in the country and it is still a club banger.
Murimi wa Kahalf friends in early May reportedly organised a fundraiser and called for fans to contribute to enable them offset his hospital bill at Aga Khan Hospital. The bill at the high end medical facility is said have had increased significantly, after he was admitted for over a month.

Murimi wa Kahalf

Murimi wa Kahalf in an earlier Picture. The popular vernacular musician passed away on Thursday after a long illness.  His song ‘Ino ni Momo catapulted  him to fame and was a club-banger

A last Facebook post by Murimi wa Kahalf on his timeline on May 26, reads; “When you walk in the shadow of the valley if death, it’s only the spirit of god that can lead you. Lord reign forever,” fueling speculation that he must have had a premonition of his demise.

Kenyan celebrities led by radio show host Maina Kageni took to Twitter to condole with the family of the deceased musician.
“Life is short. Tragedy hits Kenya’s Music Industry. RIPMurimiWaKahaf aka MomoMan,” posted Kageni on his twitter handle.
Kaka Empire is an Artiste Management Company in Kenya that manages several Artistes like: Rabbit, Avril, FemiOne, Owago Nyiro, Raj and Rich Mavoko also condoled with the musicians family.
“Our condolences go out to Murimi wa Kahalf’s family and friends during this time. R.I.P, read a post by Kaka Empire on Twitter.
The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) also posted a message on twitter,: “ Our deepest condolences to family and friends of The Late Murimu wa Kahalf .”

The song ‘Ino ni Momo

Mater heart run targets to raise Sh110 million


The Mater Heart Run 2015 targets to raise over Sh110 million up from Sh96 million raised last year, money which will be used to fund heart surgery operations on at least 250 children from across the country.

Funds raised from the run that was held yesterday in Nairobi will also be used in screening of over 21, 000 other children with heart conditions according to Mater Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr Agnes Chege.

“The money raised from this programme exclusively caters for children with heart conditions from poor and needy backgrounds that they were either born with (congenital) or acquired (rheumatic),” she said.

A section of those who turned up for the annual Mater Heart run on Saturday warming up before the start of the race. This year’s event targeted to raise over KES110 million up from KES96 million realized last year

Speaking during the occasion which was graced by Standard Group CEO Sam Shollei, Chege revealed that they plan in the near future to hold the events in all parts of the country. Other Mater Heart Runs were held simultaneously in Mombasa, Mumias Machakos and Kisumu.

“We have a vision that by 2020 the charity runs by our hospital will be held in all the 47 counties in the country. This is the only way that we can assist to offer surgeries and treatment more children with heart conditions,” she said noting that on average, heart surgery costs Sh500, 000 which is unaffordable for many Kenyans.

“The money we raise today will ensure that poor families will be in a position to supplement the cost to have their children undergo heart surgery. Part of the funds will also be used to offer free outreach screening camps all over the country for heart ailments and educate community members about acquired heart diseases,” added Chege.

Shollei who was the chief guest at the event challenged corporate organisations to come out and support charity programmes, as a way of giving back to the society.

He said there are many people in the society who need to be assisted, and noted that supporting the needy should not be a preserve of a few privileged individuals.

Shollei observed that children have played a large part in the success of the previous runs and urged adults to take cue from them.

“Children have contributed almost half of the amount of money raised in the previous Mater Heart Runs events. I challenge the rest of us to do more to support this noble initiative that will save lives,” he said.

“If 50 per cent of the funds from this event comes from children which is no mean achievement , how about if we do ten times more ourselves as corporates and individuals to support this worthy cause?” posed Shollei, who pledged that his company will cater for the medical bills of Master Melvin Munene, a one and half year old child with a heart condition.

The CEO at the same time commented the Government for the improved healthcare system in the country, particularly the introduction of free maternity, which he noted as a major a huge milestone.

He however observed that there is still room for improvement in the healthcare system especially in the rural where there exists challenges such as poor infrastructure, the long distance to health facilities insecurity and illiteracy.

“Community health facilities in rural areas are under-resourced, under-staffed. The health workers in the facilities are overworked health workers. The Government must address these challenges moving forward even as we seek as a nation to achieve vision 2030,” he said.

“There is need for the Government and other stakeholders to provide an efficient, integrated and high quality affordable health care to all citizens. Priority should be given to preventive care at community and household levels, through a decentralized national health-care system,” added Shollei.

This is the fourth year running that The Standard Group has partnered with The Mater Hospital to raise funds towards the complex heart surgeries carried out on needy children every year.

The group was the official media sponsor of the event and pumped Sh7 million worth of advertising in all its media platforms. It was the only media house that covered the event Live.

Apart from The Standard Group, other main sponsors of the Mater Heart Run this year included Safaricom Limited, Capital FM , Terre Des Hommes, and Kings Collections Limited.

Other corporate sponsors present included, G4S, Nairobi and Machakos County governments, Heritage Insurance, Standard Chartered Bank, Parapet Cleaning among many others. A number of schools from Nairobi also participated in the event.

Part of the children who turned up for the annual Mater Heart run on Saturday warming up before the start of the race. Children formed half of the crowd of the participants

Part of the children who turned up for the annual Mater Heart run on Saturday warming up before the start of the race. Children formed half of the crowd of the participants

–  Story first published in The Standard on Sunday paper of 24/5/2015. Link

Interviewing ‘ Dr Mwangi’

Over 50 people have lost their lives since January following an outbreak of Cholera in the country, with the highly contagious disease.

I am hosting  ‘Dr ‘ Murimi Mwangi the Nairobi County Health Director who will speak on what the country government is doing to halt the spread of the disease.

Disclaimer: This is a mock  TV interview for training purposes.

Video editing-not my cup of tea!


After spending over eight hours at the KTN’s Edit Suite 4 on Tuesday, the conclusion that I came up with is that- video editing is not a walk in the park- it is a daunting task and only requires people driven with passion.person-editing-video
From the long hours spent in front of computer screens to ensure that footages are correctly edited to making sure the cut footages correctly tell a story, video editing is a ‘thankless job’ for people who are after money.
“ There are days I have spent the whole night in this edit suite to ensure that The Presenter Show is on air in time ,” said Silas Otieno, who I spent the better part of the day shadowing.
“Video editing is not your regular cup of tea if all you want to make money. You need to be patient and passionate with the job to succeed,” added Mr Otieno, who noted that he normally reports to work at 9am and leaves at 9pm
At all the editing suites, I made an interesting observation- all the video editors had glasses! Prompting me to ask, why all the people are bespectacled.
“The long hours spent in front of computer monitors requires that we protect our eyes with anti-glare glasses. You can’t spend over 10 hours glaring at your computer with your naked eyes,” said Jane Githae another Video editor, who I sat next to for hours, as she went about her work.
Video editors have to be sharp people and fast learners, according to Mr Otieno, who divulged to me that his hobby is watching the latest movie series to see what editing techniques they use.
“You have to upgrade your skills in order to stay afloat in this industry. I watch the international movies in order to upgrade my editing skills,” he said.
Mrs Githae who edits both Club Kiboko Show and Gavana reveals that apart from tight deadlines, getting poor quality videos and even footages with bad audio at times, is their greatest challenges.
“We have to apply our skills to ensure even the bad quality footages sent to us are appealing to your viewers and even the sound quality is good. Luckily this does not happen most of the time,” she said.

Am I considering being a video editor any time soon? Nope… Maybe in another lifetime!

A scene from Club Kiboko, a kids show that runs on KTN on Saturday morning.


A scene form the Gavana show on KTN. I watched as this episode was being edited at the KTN production suite on Tuesday.

Mdahalo studioni

Kero La Matatu

Matatu ni mbinu ya usafiri inayotumika na Wakenya wengi. Sekta hii inakumbwa na matatizo mingi na wasafari ndio wanaoumia zaidi.

Sikiliza makala haya.




Mwanzo wa ngoma ni lele… Debut Radio News

Shinikizo zinaendelea kutolewa kwa serekali kuwapatia mabawabu bunduki kufuatia kukithiri kwa visa vya wizi.

Jumatatu hii mabawabu wawili walijereuhiwa vibaya katika eneo la Imara Daima viungani mwa jiji wa Nairobi walipovamiwa na majambazi wakiwa kazini.

Je kuwapa mabawabu silaha itakuwa suluhisho ya kusitisha kudorora kwa usalama hasa kwa mitaa humu nchini?

Katika makala yetu ya Msanii, Ijumaa hii tunamwangazia Mwanamuziki Kevin Bahati. Bahati jumatatu aliwachakua watoto wawili kutoka makaazi ya watoto mayatima ambao atawalea kama wanao.

Boom ! A new TV Reporter is born

Growing up as a child at my rural area home that  borders Mt Elgon  forest , it never occurred to me that one day I will stand before TV cameras and report news.

On 5th May,for the first time I made my debut in TV reporting(clip below). What is your honest opinion?


Here is another one!

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